Dollar Express Logo Dollar's express rental and loyalty program is Dollar Express.

Named appropriately for its basic function, Dollar Express serves primarily as an express rental program. You put all your information in your Dollar Express profile. An hour or two before your scheduled arrival, the Dollar location processes your rental agreement. When you show up, all you have to do is sign the already-completed paperwork and go.

At least that's the goal. The experience varies, and it's not uncommon at some locations to find your rental contract not done or even to wait for a car. However, unlike sister company Thrifty's very similar Blue Chip program, there's no official satisfaction guarantee.

Most major airport locations have dedicated Dollar Express counters; the rest should have at least a priority Dollar Express line. Some locations have even started following in the Hertz #1 Club Gold style, posting your name on a board with a pre-assigned car in a designated parking stall; with the keys and contract waiting on your dashboard, you just need to hop in and head to the exit gate and show your license. Most locations still require you to stop at a counter to process your paperwork, which can cause delays if the office is busy.

Dollar Express is primarily an express rental program, but it has a loyalty program component to it. If you sign up for Dollar Express, you're offered the option of choosing to earn "Dollar Express Renter Rewards". With Dollar Express Renter Rewards, each day you rent a car gives you one credit. After you earn 16 credits, you get a certificate in the mail good for a free day on a compact through full-size car or a minivan. (You'll still have to pay taxes on the rental, which can be a not-insignificant sum.) If you'd rather, you can choose to earn frequent flyer miles with Dollar's numerous airline partners, but as we've shown you before, that's not always a great deal.

Dollar Express doesn't come with any benefits for frequent renters beyond the basic program. Other than the express service and opportunity to earn free days, there isn't much else - no free upgrades for ultra-frequent renters, bonus points, or curbside pickup and drop-off.

Our conclusion: If you're going to be renting from Dollar anyway, it's a no-brainer to sign up for Dollar Express, since the program is free. Given that the program is almost identical to sister company Thrifty's Blue Chip service, which includes a satisfaction guarantee, and that Dollar and Thrifty almost always have identical rates and cars (at least where both brands are operated corporately or by a dual-branded franchise), we'd suggest sticking with Thrifty unless your travel patterns or corporate agreements favor Dollar.

The Rundown:

Company: Dollar
Program: Dollar Express
Time Savings: Faster checkout since they have your information on file, but you usually still have to stop at the counter
Cost: Free
Upgrades Available: No
Other Benefits: Choice between Dollar Express Renter Rewards credits or airline frequent flyer miles
Loyalty Reward: Choice between Dollar Express Renter Rewards credits or airline frequent flyer miles
Earn 1 credit for each rental day 16 credits = 1 free rental day certificate
Free day certificate can be used on any size car from compact to full-size or minivan
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