Enterprise Plus Logo Enterprise launched their loyalty program, Enterprise Plus, in 2008 - much later than most other rental agencies. Apparently, they didn't spend much effort copying the other agencies' programs, because it doesn't do much. It's extremely simple: your profile contains your basic details (i.e. driver's license number, address, and phone number). When you make a reservation with your Enterprise Plus number or an Enterprise sales agent pulls up your Enterprise Plus profile, he or she is able to skip the process of typing in those details.

That's it.

Dedicated Enterprise Plus lines at busier locations may help you get to the front of the line faster, but once you're at the counter, it doesn't really do much. Enterprise is known for lengthy transactions, and the bulk of the time spent isn't on data entry but rather negotiating with you for upgrades, coverage, and fuel. So, Enterprise Plus may shave a minute off your rental (maybe two if you encounter a slow typist), but it's still going to be several minutes before you get the engine started and are driving off the lot, and you'll be just as worn out from the lengthy insurance spiels and intensive vehicle walk-around as any other Enterprise customer.

Signing up for Enterprise Plus is free and extremely easy. If you didn't already sign up for it on the Enterprise website, an Enterprise sales agent will be happy to sign you up during the rental process - all they need is your email address. Conveniently, obtaining your email address makes for excellent marketing opportunities, although we've never found Enterprise's email load to be excessive.

Our conclusion: Enterprise's core market is the insurance replacement segment (people whose insurance is paying), who tend to be unfamiliar with the basics of the car rental process. Enterprise's procedures are geared towards guiding these new renters through the transaction, but they result in extra wasted time for the repeat renter. Enterprise Plus doesn't do much to solve that (except by possibly alerting the sales agent that you might have rented a car before and don't need the full damage waiver brow-beating), so it's not worth seeking out. That said, a minute saved is a minute earned, so if you're going to be renting from Enterprise anyway and don't mind getting the occasional email advertisement about cheap rates in a city you're not traveling to, go ahead and sign up.

The Details:

Company: Enterprise
Program: Enterprise Plus
Website: www.enterprise.com/plus
Time Savings: Slightly faster checkout since they have your information on file, but you still have to bear through the full rental process
Cost: Free
Upgrades Available: No
Other Benefits: None
Loyalty Reward: None
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