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Most of the major rental car companies have loyalty programs that provide credits or points toward free rentals days (Alamo, Budget, Payless, and Sixt are the glaring exceptions). Even some of the minor players in the rental car game have programs that allow renters to earn points and miles. EZ Rent a Car -- or is it E-Z (the company is inconsistent on its own webpage) -- is one of those minor players with a loyalty program but it's decidedly difficult to benefit from the EZ Money program.

We prefer Eddie Money to EZ Money.

What Does AutoSlash have Against EZ?

Nothing at all. In fact, we want more major companies to compete with the three major companies that effectively control the U.S. rental market -- AvisBudget Group (Avis, Budget, and Payless), Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, Enterprise, and National), and Hertz Global Holdings (Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty). And part of competing is an excellent loyalty program; the EZ Money reward program is just not very good

Earning is unlimited, as long as it's within 18 months (or points expire).

After registering, a user gets an EZ Money dashboard. The points earned (5 per base rate dollar at eligible locations) can be converted to EZ credit vouchers in fixed amounts but there are substantial limitations. Taking advantage of the EZ Money program requires full integration into the EZ Rent a Car ecosystem -- it's like a wannabe Apple within the rental car industry.

  • In order to earn EZ Money points, the reservation has to be booked from the EZ website, while logged into the EZ Money account. The company doesn't want customers to be able to easily comparison shop among other rental car companies. The major rental car companies don't have this restriction on users and a renter looking for the lowest possible price suffers if desiring to participate in EZ's program. 
  • Even though there are comparatively few EZ locations, the vast majority are ineligible to earn EZ Money. In fact, only the corporate locations in the United States (13 of the 56 EZ sites at the time of this post) were EZ Money participants per the Terms and Conditions. That's a 77% "failure/ineligible" rate, for those keeping track at home. 
  • The program awards 5 points per dollar (like Enterprise, this is a 5% rebate). However, these points can only be redeemed in fixed increments (starting at $20) and only one credit can be applied to an award reservation (the award booking also must be made directly through EZ's website). 
  • Points expire 18 months after they are earned (or "accural", per EZ's terms), so it takes $400 in base rate before taxes and fees at the limited eligible locations in 18 months to earn a single $20 credit on a subsequent rental! Otherwise, the points earned more than 18 months ago will expire -- most major rental car companies have policies that extend the validity of points/credits as long as the renter completes a rental during a specified timeframe.
  • We know from dealing with many travel providers in the past that it's rarely beneficial to a consumer when a company's official Terms and Conditions vary from the information presented on the website.

According to the Terms and Conditions, no more than $50 can be redeemed...

Our Take

EZ has a loyalty program but unless you're a long-term renter at one of the 13 eligible airports or happen to rent from one of those locations often, any earned points would most likely expire before the "average" renter had amassed enough to earn an award. It's a program that requires frequent renting and blind loyalty -- earning points requires a singular focus on booking through EZ's website while most renters want the best possible deal regardless of the booking website. And while some users might benefit by earning a $20 voucher on a $600-or-so airport rental (assuming approximately $400 pre-tax plus $200 in taxes and fees), most users truly seeking a flexible expiration policy probably want to make the easy decision to search elsewhere!  

Ready to rent your next rental car? Know the terms of your loyalty programs -- for instance, EZ Money mandates booking at EZ's website -- and then request a quote from us! Or track your existing rental and let us check for lower rates! We'll always seek the lowest possible offers available for your rental! 

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