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If you've ever tried to rent a car with a stick shift, you know that it's effectively impossible to find a rental car with a manual transmission in the United States. We have located a single exception—one place in the Midwest where you can rent manual sports cars from an unlikely candidate—none other than Budget Car Rental.


Where to Rent a Car with a Stick Shift in the Midwest


Visit one of the Budget locations in the Kansas City region and it's possible to reserve manual-transmission vehicles such as the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. And the offer is not only available at the airport; you can find it at participating Budget locations on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the city.

Is Kansas City the only place to find a rental car with a stick shift?


It's not entirely surprising to those who work in the rental car industry that manual transmissions are available in the Kansas City market. That region is a test bed for AvisBudget Group innovations such as Avis' connected car fleet.

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Yet one surprise is that Budget elected to go with FiatChrysler and Ford models without also bringing in vehicles from General Motors, which has a local assembly plant in Fairfax.


Restrictions on Renting a Car with a Stick Shift


While it's possible to rent a car with a manual transmission, there are a few limitations:

  • Manual transmissions may be offered for a limited time as a test.
  • You cannot use rental cars to train drivers on how to drive with a stick shift, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.
  • You can't rent a manual-transmission car for a one-way rental. The vehicle must be returned to the Kansas City area.
  • It's harder to rent on the Missouri side of the state line due to absurdly high taxes.

How to Rent a Car with a Stick Shift from AutoSlash


Ultimately, AutoSlash's ability to book a specialty vehicle is dependent upon Budget's own website. If you are looking for a vehicle at a participating Budget Kansas City location, shoot us a quote request, and then email our support team at, and we'll be more than happy to run a search to find the best rate for a manual-transmission car.

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