Manual Transmission

Our team loves driving, and one of the core driving skills involves manual transmissions. We all learned to drive manuals at young ages and some of us (Jonathan and I) still only own vehicles with manual transmissions. And while the skill of driving a manual has helped us greatly on our travels throughout the world, we've lamented that it's effectively impossible to find a rental car with a manual transmission in the United States. However, travelers who visit the Mid-Continent can again rent manual sports cars from an unlikely candidate--Budget. And it's clearly not April 1st!

You're Really Kidding, Right? 

Not at all. Visit one of the Budget locations in the Kansas City region and it's possible to reserve vehicles such as Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers with manual transmissions. And the offering is not just at the airport; it's available at participating Budget locations on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the border! As a former KCMO resident, I was originally skeptical but the vehicles are there!

And we're not talking about paddle-shifters!

And it's not entirely a surprise for those in the rental car industry that there would be manual transmissions in the Kansas City market; that region is currently a test-bed for AvisBudget Group innovations such as Avis' connected car fleet. One surprise? Budget elected to go with FiatChrysler and Ford models without bringing in vehicles from General Motors, which has a local Assembly Plant (Fairfax).

What Are the Catches?

There are a number of catches, like any other "exception to the rule":

  1. The offering of manual transmissions may be for a limited time as a test.
  2. Using rental cars to train drivers on how to drive is against the Terms and Conditions (nice thought, though).
  3. Try to drive one of these on a one-way rental and the renter's in for a world of financial pain.
  4. Rent on the Missouri side of the border and the renter will encounter an absurd tax burden

Can I Book These Cars at a Discount With AutoSlash's Help?

Of course, but it's a bit of a pain. As a true specialty vehicle in the modern domestic environment of "all-automatics, all the time", booking is effectively limited to Budget's own website. However, if the renter's looking for a vehicle at a participating Budget Kansas City location, enters a quote request so we know all the potential details, and sends a note to support, we're more than happy to run a manual search (hehe) to find the best possible rate on your behalf.

Do You Have any BBQ Recommendations?

We'll let you decide that on your own, but we're consistently underwhelmed by two of the largest names in Kansas City BBQ located near Arrowhead Stadium and The K, but Jack Stack at the Freight House was effectively my second office ...


Ready to rent your next rental car? There's once again some hope of booking a manual transmission in the United States! But wherever you desire to travel in the world, clicking below to request quotes will result in the lowest possible rates in your mailbox within minutes! 

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