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Will you be renting a car before the end of the year? For members of Thrifty Car Rental's loyalty program, that means the chance to earn free rental days with its Just Right promo. Rent any car before the end of 2019, and you can earn 625 Blue Chip Reward points—enough for a free one-day car rental.

Why do we like this promotion? At the very least, this promo is a buy-one-get-one offer but it has the potential to be even better than a BOGO deal. Better yet, it's available when you rent any car category and even one-day rentals qualify.


How to Maximize Thrifty's Promo


Join the club.

The first step to taking advantage of the Just Right promotion is to enroll in Thrifty's free Blue Chip program.

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Rent the smallest car for one day. Rinse and repeat.

You get the same number of bonus points no matter the size of the rental car or the length of the rental period. Thrifty's promo lets you earn the bonus points up to five times through December 31, 2019. So to make the most of this promo, it makes sense to plan several short rentals by the end of the year in the least expensive car category possible.

This offer is available at participating Thrifty locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Redeem on weekends.

For each rental in 2019, you'll earn 625 Blue Chip Reward points, the equivalent of what is required for a free one-day weekday rental. But it only takes 500 points to snag a free weekend day rental, on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So to maximize your haul, plan on using your points over a weekend.

Bonus points get posted to your account within six to eight weeks, so if you rented a car in, say, December, the points would be posted by the end of February 2020.

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If you're able to maximize this promotion and rent five times before the end of 2019, you can earn a total of 3,125 points. If you redeem for the maximum five free rental days on weekends, you'll spend 2,500 points and still have 625 points to spare.

Don't wait too long to redeem.

Normally, Blue Chip points expire within 24 months. But points earned during this promo period are only valid for free rental days only through December 2020.

Pay with the right credit card.

Want to turbocharge Thrifty's promo? Pay for your Thrifty rental with credit card that earns bonus points on rental cars. Some possibilities include:

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