NOTE: This promotion ended in February 2018. Any new offers from Turo or the Petersen Automotive Museum will be detailed in future blog posts.

It's clear the AutoSlash team loves cars and we appreciate services like Turo. Although Turo provides vehicles on a peer-to-peer basis (rather than a traditional rental car company), the service can be useful for individuals seeking out a specific vehicle, in areas underserved by rental car companies, or even when traditional rental car companies are sold out! But it's very clear from even a quick glance at their Facebook or Twitter feeds that the company focuses on rare and exotic vehicles as a primary marketing point. Turo's current contest -- in coordination with the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles -- allows contest winners the opportunity to ride along in actual museum pieces

It's part of the Petersen's museum philosophy - the cars are driven regularly to keep them in operating condition. For instance, they've posted a video of their Bugatti EB110 -- one of the contest vehicles -- doing transits of an empty parking deck and some normal (as normal as a Bugatti EB110 can be) street driving.

We've been known to do laps of empty parking decks/lots ...

The contest involves five phases, where the winner of a weekly Facebook competition gets to ride along with the Museum Curator on a pre-determined date:

How does a user enter the contest? During the allotted week, a user gets on Turo's Facebook contest page and makes a post describing their connection to the specific car. Entries are judged based upon:

  1. Creativity 
  2. Embodiment of the unique and iconic spirit of this vehicle
  3. Passion for using Turo to travel

However, users get an "additional entry" for tagging three friends in their Facebook entry, which doesn't really seem to meet the judging criteria. In any case, this is an opportunity to five lucky entrants to ride in vehicles few individuals have ever seen, fewer still have touched, and almost no one has ever experienced. I will be entering the contest for the 1961 GSM Delta for two reasons: that ride-along experience is on a race track and I will already be in Los Angeles at the Petersen for a separate event! 

Scroll to the bottom of the Turo contest page and there's an option to register for a Ferrari 70th Anniversary Brunch. Perhaps I will see you there!


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