The stories of ill-advised actions of a tiny proportion of rental car users are a nice diversion for the AutoSlash team. We really do work hard to have a system that helps legitimate renters find the lowest possible prices on their rental cars, so Felony Friday is a good source of clean fun (albeit at someone else's expense). And a recent arrest out of Cave City, Kentucky is amusing while raising a few questions. It is also an example of how neither Nissan nor the Super 8 Cave City wish to make the media!  

Bowling Green, Kentucky (about 30 miles away) does have the National Corvette Museum!

Visitors to Mammoth Cave National Park (or those who spend too much time on Interstate 65) are familiar with Cave City, Kentucky; those are about the only people familiar with Cave City, Kentucky. And a Justin Foster (formerly) of Tampa, Florida decided to ring in the New Year while travelling at a high rate of speed on a Cave City road. Why was he traveling at a high rate of speed? It may have been related to the other form of speed in his rental car. In any instance, this speeding drew the attention of the Cave City police and he was pursued by an Officer Joey Judd.

After a chase, the rental vehicle went off-roading behind the local Super 8 (and as we know, life's not always great at Super 8). The vehicle was eventually located, upside down in a sinkhole. The police quickly determined the car was a rental and identified the operator but the operator was not present.

So the police left the car upside down in a sinkhole.

Another officer rolled up on the scene later in the day and found the person (Foster) who had been operating the vehicle. Why come back to the scene when a litany of charges was certain if apprehended? That's the $64,000 question but the answer was probably to retrieve his methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. It clearly wasn't to drive away, as the car was still upside down in a sinkhole. And after a police interview, Foster appears to have caved in Cave City. Based upon the charges he's currently facing, his future might involved being locked up in a cell resembling a cave for a lengthy period of time! Pending charges include an impressive, diverse selection of two traffic violations, five misdemeanors, and two felonies!

  • Violation: Reckless Driving
  • Misdemeanor: Wanton Endangerment - Second Degree
  • Misdemeanor: Wanton Endangerment - Second Degree (of a Police Officer)
  • Violation: Disregarding Traffic Control Device (Traffic Light)
  • Felony: Fleeing or Evading Police -- First Degree (Motor Vehicle)
  • Misdemeanor: Leaving Scene of Accident - Failure to Render Aid or Assistance
  • Misdemeanor: Fleeing or Evading Police on Foot - Second Degree
  • Felony: Possession of a Controlled Substance, First Degree (Methamphetamine)
  • Misdemeanor: Drug Paraphernalia - Buy/Possess

Of those nine charges, the "failure to render aid or assistance" is probably a stretch -- it was a single car accident and the (alleged) perpetrator was the only disclosed occupant! The rest of the charges? He probably wants to hire a great lawyer (unlikely, as he hadn't posted $500 cash bail a day after the arrest).


P.S. -- If you name your cover band "Upside Down in a Sinkhole", please fly our team out for your first concert. We wouldn't need help with a rental car. 

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