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Like many major cities, New York has a lengthy history of failed start-ups related to private transportation. It's not necessarily a fun city in which to drive or park, so many consumers do appreciate options that require neither parking nor driving. Sixt sees an opening in the market for luxury market for private drivers and has introduced Sixt's MyDriver service, with New York as the first location in the United States. What does Sixt's service offer? A premium car, driver, and a pre-determined rate with as little as six hours' notice. And there are two different options -- pay for a certain route (Point A to Point B) or pay for a period of time with a very limited 25 kilometers (15.5 mi.) per hour. It's a niche that other rental car companies have tried (and failed) to successfully serve in the past (witness, Avis Chauffeur Drive). And even a success for Sixt's MyDriver program might be short-lived if engineers and futurists are able to deliver truly autonomous self-driving cars in the coming decade!

In the United States, Sixt's MyDriver service is only available in New York

Is the service really a need? Not at all. Is it a "nice to have"? Sure, if Sixt can avoid hemorrhaging cash competing in a crowded market. What does the service provide? A vehicle that may be nicer than alternatives at a price that rivals and sometimes beats Uber fares. For instance, we looked up a hypothetical airport-to-airport transfer from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR), where a BMW 5 Series (or similar) with Sixt's MyDriver would be cheaper than Uber Black service at all times of the day.

Sixt's MyDriver service will do the JFK-EWR transfer for $193.04 including tips.

Uber Black service will run $225-$287 plus tips on the same route.

Sixt's MyDriver service explicitly includes gratuities for reasonable service and Sixt is willing to provide discounts off the listed rates for businesses with corporate agreements. Your connected friend in New York (in our case, AutoSlash founder Jonathan) probably has a good private car contact at cheaper rates, but Sixt should be expected to have much better driver availability! Yet part of us questions why hyper-competitive New York was selected for this program when Sixt has far more market share and brand awareness in South Florida.

While this is a service offered by the traditional rental car company Sixt, we're not able to help renters book private cars. Private car hire is a pricey niche for those with precise transportation needs yet don't have timelines to deal with rental cars; it's a more expensive (and likely far more luxurious) experience than the average cab or ride-share vehicle. And we always appreciate additional alternatives, whether short-term or long-term.   


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