How much do you hate your cable company or your wireless provider? Do you feel like you're overpaying every month?

If you hate them as much as we do, that's a lot.

Here at AutoSlash, we like to think of ourselves at pretty good at getting a good deal. After all, we make our living off finding the best deals possible on car rentals and helping people save money! Most of us keep a pretty close eye on our everyday bills and drive a hard bargain with our cable and internet providers. However, our bills still have a tendency to linger or get away from us because who wants to deal with calling Comcast or AT&T? We'd liken the experience to having your teeth extracted without anesthesia.

We had a sneaking suspicion that our bills were not as low as they could be. That's when we stumbled across the BillFixers, a novel company based out of Tennessee that will haggle down your bills for you. We decided to test them out to see if they could get us a better deal. Here's what happened:

The Process

The process for signing up for the BillFixers couldn't possibly be any smoother. They ask for your name, email, phone number, and a PDF copy of your bill. If your account has a pin #, they ask for that too. They don't ask you for your social security number or anything super sensitive. But they also assure customers that their website is encrypted and that security is a priority.

By submitting your bill, you're agreeing to their terms and conditions which are:

★ They will try to negotiate down your bills.

★ They won't change your plan or the length of your contract without your permission.

★ If they save you anything, you'll owe them half of what they save for one year. For example, if they save you $10 a month off your cable bill, you'll owe them $5 x 12 = $60. You can pay it right away once they switch the account or you can pay them monthly. They'll invoice you. any savings in year 2 or beyond is "free".

★ If you cancel your service or move, you can stop paying the BillFixers.

★ If they don't save you anything, you don't owe them anything.

★ They're best used for things like internet, cable, landline/wireless phone bills, or bills that are past due. They don't do: insurance, legal bills, mortgages, rent, car payments, doctors bills, but they can lower your Sirius/XM Satellite Radio bills or even your ADT alarm bills.

Once you submit your bills, you then wait a day or two. During that time, they're taking a look at your bills and getting to work.

An associate and I heard from them from them within a few days. One thing that really struck us was the ease of the whole process. They were super responsive and clear. They communicate by email like you were talking to a friend, not some offshore customer service rep or auto-responder.

The Results:

Here's what they got for an AutoSlash staffer on two recent bills:

BillFixers Summary

Our Conclusions

All we have to say is: WHY DIDN'T WE DO THIS SOONER?

So far across all of the AutoSlash staff, the BillFixers have saved us thousands of dollars on our annual bills. We've recommended it to countless others and they've saved as well. If you love getting emails from AutoSlash that your car rental rate just dropped, then you're going to love BillFixers even more, when they tell you they just lopped 20% off your cable or cell phone bill.

Is this something you can do on your own? Sure, anyone can call their cable company or wireless provider and try to drive a hard bargain, but these guys are experts at it, and they'll likely save you more than you could on your own, which usually pays for their fee. Add in the fact that all you need to do is to go to their website and click a couple of buttons to send your bills, and the convenience of letting them save you money is a no-brainer. Clawing a bit of money back from your cable or phone company is just icing on the cake.

Should you try it?


Send your bills to the BillFixers. It takes two minutes and could save yourself a small fortune!

Try the BillFixers here:

BillFixers Logo

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