Vin Diesel

We've recently had a lot of mocking fun at the expense of rural Oregonians who have the new-found freedom to pump their own fuel. Apparently, these folks have never traveled outside the State of Oregon. And while the folks in the State of Michigan (and the rest of the nation) have been settled in for a good laugh, Michiganians can also mock one of their own for a recent arrest involving "diesel" in Ohio. We thought our team was "hip" with slang among the mid-50s set until we realized there was a third form of diesel that should never go into the average rental car (the distilled product and the actor are the first two).  

This renter had fuel, that's for sure.

The story picks up at the Enterprise location in Boardman, Ohio, where the staff was cheerfully helping out Marjorie Taylor after hours. She had wrecked her rental on the Ohio Turnpike and Enterprise was helping with transportation to the local Greyhound bus station. Like most neighborhood rental car locations, the site closes at 6 p.m. on Friday but the police didn't get called until 7:15-7:20 p.m. when a large quantity of "diesel" (read, "marijuana") became apparent in the rental car. An Enterprise employee might pick you up but won't be down with aiding and abetting drug trafficking. Enterprise called the cops and Ms. Taylor (without transportation) apparently stayed around instead of bolting or paging a ride-hailing service. As WKBN reported:

Police noted in their report that they could smell the marijuana in the minivan. Police reported finding a large bag of marijuana under clothing in a laundry basket as well as pipes and several mason jars full of marijuana.

Remarkably, this is not the first time laundry and marijuana have come up in the AutoSlash blog. It is the first time storing marijuana in mason jars has come up in the AutoSlash blog. Most of our team was born or has lived in the geographic range where mason jars are used for untaxed alcohol, not illegal drugs. And the wreck of the rental car, asking for help transporting drugs to a Greyhound station, and the mason jars are just the lead-in to the coup de grâce.

Taylor admitted stealing the marijuana from her husband.

Unable to get to the Greyhound station, she still made a valiant attempt to throw her husband under the bus! We suspect he will be testing Michigan's equitable distribution (not community property) divorce rules in the very near future. And while the pending separation is just a hunch, we strongly doubt he will be filing a "stolen property" report about this documented theft of his property!

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