My hometown of Nashville gets into the news every so often, usually as the hotbed known as Music City. Yet details recently released about a July rental car theft from the Nashville International Airport (BNA) shows that the singing in question isn't the type that comes from stages or studios, and the attempted squealer ended up in jail and facing charges herself.

The story starts when Chance Mongeon decided to steal a rental car from the Enterprise location at the airport. He jumped a counter and stole the keys to a 2017 Dodge Challenger. His girlfriend, a Cristy Cardwell, was apparently present at the time of the theft. In fact, she also happened to be in the stolen rental vehicle.

So off went Mongeon and Cardwell, with the car driving over multiple spike strips along the way yet still managing to elude police* for approximately 45 minutes. 

* One decided downfall of run-flat tires - spike strips aren't as effective.   

Cardwell inexplicably decided to call the local dispatchers and ask for reward money, while in the stolen rental car during the active police chase. Mongeon eventually wrecks the rental car and fortunately only causes injuries to himself. But that phone call during the chase?

Cardwell told police she knew Mongeon had stolen the car but would not reveal his intentions until she received reward money, saying "she knew the law very well and didn't have to give him up."

In our blog, we frequently note that we're not lawyers. However, our limited legal knowledge tells us that Cardwell's interpretation of the law wouldn't hold water. The Davidson County Sheriff's Office arrested both on November 7, 2017. Mr. Mongeon -- already with a hefty local record -- is currently facing two felonies and four misdemeanor charges for the incident:

  • Theft of property with value between $10,000 and $60,000
  • Evading Arrest in a Motor Vehicle
  • Driving on a Revoked License
  • Driving on a Revoked License (2nd Offense)
  • Reckless Driving
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (like most newsworthy rental car stories)

Ms. Cardwell -- with a few past convictions herself -- is currently facing a felony charge of "Accessory after the Fact". She's probably now wishing he was just a Walkaway Joe Chance and that she had avoided participating in this car theft scheme.

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