New Jersey Community Decides to Restrict Visitors (and Renters) from their Roadways

Traffic Citation

In our blog, we frequently bring up areas of concern for rental car consumers, such as Zona Traffico Limitado (ZTL) areas in Italy, where drivers with permits (residents and local employees) can drive but others cannot. We also talk about tools we like when in rental cars, such as Waze helping us redirect around major traffic jams. Well, a community in New Jersey has become tired of commuters driving through their town (redirected by apps), so the concept of ZTL is coming to the United States! And they've made it a fineable offense, which is exceptionally punitive for visitors and rental car users!

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Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Expensive but Limited Coverage that Doesn't Help Much in an Accident

Personal Accident Insurance

The rental car industry is proficient in creating insurance coverage options few renters should purchase but with some sense of importance in the title. One of those options is Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) which is often paired with the Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) we've addressed previously. At the most basic level, Personal Accident Insurance covers the occupants of the rental car in case of vehicular accidents, whether those result in injury or fatality. Like other forms of insurance offered by the rental car companies, it's expensive, the terms and conditions limit the actual coverage, and it's primarily just a profit center for the rental car company. Most renters discover that the insurance offering also happens to be entirely duplicative of coverage held elsewhere!

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The Lowdown on the EZ Money Rewards Program. Hint: It's Hard.

EZ Money

Most of the major rental car companies have loyalty programs that provide credits or points toward free rentals days (Alamo, Budget, Payless, and Sixt are the glaring exceptions). Even some of the minor players in the rental car game have programs that allow renters to earn points and miles. EZ Rent a Car -- or is it E-Z (the company is inconsistent on its own webpage) -- is one of those minor players with a loyalty program but it's decidedly difficult to benefit from the EZ Money program.

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Worth A Second Look: Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

AutoSlash's first and foremost passion will always be saving people money on rental car rates, but we'll admit to being fans of futurism, too. We're still waiting for fusion-powered cars (though if company founder Jonathan wants to get us all self-driving Teslas, we'll consider that an acceptable substitute), but in the meantime, we're fans of as much Treknology as we can get our hands on.

And there isn't anything more Star Trek than talking to a computer. Fortunately, we don't have to wait another 300 years for that to happen—as we pointed out last month, Amazon's Echo has very much made that an everyday reality now.

One thing we didn't cover last month was Google's answer to Amazon. Thanks to great holiday sales, I was able to pick up both devices—an Amazon Echo and a Google Home—at a great price, and I've really put them through their paces over the past month so I could share my perspective here.

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Woman Arrested for "Diesel" in a Rental Car

Vin Diesel

We've recently had a lot of mocking fun at the expense of rural Oregonians who have the new-found freedom to pump their own fuel. Apparently, these folks have never traveled outside the State of Oregon. And while the folks in the State of Michigan (and the rest of the nation) have been settled in for a good laugh, Michiganians can also mock one of their own for a recent arrest involving "diesel" in Ohio. We thought our team was "hip" with slang among the mid-50s set until we realized there was a third form of diesel that should never go into the average rental car (the distilled product and the actor are the first two).

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