How It Works

We've all met that obsessive coupon-clipper in line at the grocery store. Many of us have even wished we could save as much as they do without putting all the time and effort into it.

That's what AutoSlash does for car rentals: we automatically slash your rental car rates.

AutoSlash - finds the best deal based on the discounts you are eligible for, tracks rental rates and alerts you anytime a better deal is found, compares prices accross all major rental brands

It starts off with our team of obsessive coupon-clippers. We subscribe to all the email newsletters. We read through the "Deals" sections on the rental companies' websites. We sign up for all the memberships with airlines and warehouse clubs. We carry all the credit cards. We comb through all the magazines with ads from the rental car companies. We assemble a list of thousands of coupon codes from all the major rental car vendors.

And then we do all the work for you.

It would take you hours—maybe even days—to check all of those coupons to see which one has the biggest discount. But there's a better way: AutoSlash. Our smart system figures out which coupon is the very best for your rental. And then we tell you.

For free.

There's no one else like us in the world!

Over $30 million saved for customers, $0 cost, 15 minutes average time to deliver a quote, 30% average customer savings

What makes us different? Unlike the other guys, you'll be in control. You'll choose which company to rent from. Your reservation can be canceled at any time without a penalty. There's nothing hidden. No compromises. The same rules as reserving directly from the rental companies, except for less money, because we help you find the best coupons.

So, how do you save money on your rental car in 30 seconds for free?

Two ways.

If you're just searching for a rental car, click here to get a quote. It's free. No catches. No gotchas. No obligations. Just tell us what you're looking for, and our smart system will scan through thousands of coupons to find the best ones.

If you've already booked something, give us the opportunity to help you beat it. Just click here to submit your reservation for price tracking. We'll start looking for better rates immediately. 90% of the time, we'll have a better price than you're already paying to you within minutes. The other 10% of the time, we'll keep checking for lower rates and let you know when something better pops up. (It almost always does.)

How much will you save? A lot. It might be 5%. But more often, it'll be way more than that. 20%? 30%? It all depends on what coupons are available for your locations and dates. We've seen savings as big as 90%. (And that's not a made-up figure. Some of us here have saved that much ourselves.)

If you don't check AutoSlash, you're probably overpaying. The other sites aren't going to proactively help you find discounts. They probably don't even care all that much about car rentals. We do. It's our sole mission in life. We're passionate travelers ourselves with decades of experience in the rental car industry. We know all the tips and tricks. And we're on your side. We don't work for the rental companies or sell their products. Our goal is to help you find the best rates and then share our knowledge and expertise with you so you can have the best possible trip at the best possible price. And we don't ask a thing in return.

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