How It Works

Did you ever watch a talk show where they interview some savvy shopper who cut their grocery bill down to a fraction of the cost by finding the best possible coupons? That's what AutoSlash does for car rentals.

AutoSlash knows about all the best coupons and discount codes. After you book, we analyze your rental and figure out which ones lower your rate the most. Then we automatically apply those discounts and re-book you at the lowest rate.

That's only half the story though. What happens if rates drop after you book? How can you be sure that a better deal won't come along tomorrow? Well AutoSlash has you covered there as well.

AutoSlash re-prices your rental multiple times a day. If we find a better deal, we'll automatically re-book you to lock in the savings. It's like price protection for your rental.

Book for FREE with AutoSlash and be assured you're getting the lowest possible rate, not only at the time you book, but right up to the day you pickup your rental car. No other website can make that promise. If you're booking anywhere else, you're probably overpaying.