About Us:

How We Do It


AutoSlash was designed from the ground up to get you the cheapest possible price on a car rental. To date, we have collectively saved our customers more than $50 million on their car rentals. The average savings is around 30% as compared to other websites. We do this in two unique ways:


1. Applying Coupons and Discount Codes

AutoSlash maintains a large database of every known car rental coupon and discount code. We're constantly scouring the internet for new discounts and we closely track the performance of each one. When you  request a free quote, our system runs the analysis and determines the best possible discount based on your specific rental and any groups or memberships that might make you eligible for other discounts.

This is very different from other websites that simply display "standard" rates. AutoSlash digs deeper by testing hundreds of coupons and discount codes against your rental to ensure that you have the lowest price possible.

If you were to try to do this research yourself, it would take you hours or even days. AutoSlash's system makes quick work of this, but it does take a few minutes to find the best possible deal for each company. That’s why we ask for your email address so we can send your quote after our system has processed your request.

2. Tracking your Rental for Price Drops

Getting the best price up-front is only half the battle. Rental rates can change multiple times per day. What if rates drop after you book? Just because you have the best price today doesn't mean that it's still the best deal tomorrow, or next week, or even the day before you pick up the rental. Why leave money on the table?

That’s why it’s smart to take advantage of AutoSlash’s car rental price tracking. You simply enter a few details about your rental reservation, and sit back while we do the rest. We'll keep checking for lower rates and we'll notify you if we find a better deal. Then you can simply cancel your old reservation and re-book at the lower price. It's like price protection for your rental and it works even if you booked on a different website.

Consumers who enter their rental reservations in our free price tracker end up saving an additional 20% on their rental on average. Cha-ching!

If you're not using AutoSlash, you're probably overpaying for your car rental.

Have questions or want to learn more about us? Check out our Our Story page or browse the answers to our frequently asked questions. We look forward to saving you money on your rental!